Monterey BaconFest 2018 August 11-12  
                                                                                            Monterey Fairgrounds


Line Up

Saturday, August 11

From their Legendary lineup, Joey Molland continues the unforgettable legacy of BADFINGER.  One of the original signings to the Beatles' Apple Records label, they had their first hit single with a Paul McCartney penned song, "Come and Get It", which went to #7 on the U.S. Charts.  Badfinger followed this with their own compositions "No Matter What", "Day After Day" (produced by George Harrison), and "Baby Blue", which went to #8, #4 and #14 respectively.
During this time American singer Harry Nilsson placed Badfinger's song "Without You" on top of the charts and Mariah Carey did the same in 1994.  Their most legendary Album was "Straight Up" which featured two of the aforementioned hits (Day After Day and Baby Blue).  Including five tracks written by Joey Molland, Q Magazine described "Straight Up" as "brimming with mature melodies and bracing verse/chorus interplay."  The album, which featured four tracks produced by George Harrison - and benefited wfrom his slide guitar magic - stayed on the billboard Top Pop Album Chart for 32 weeks.
Joey Molland and Badfinger played on John Lennon's Imagine Album and joined George Harrison for the concert for Bangladesh.  Badfinger is one of those rare acts to re-enter the charts with one of their classic songs: "Baby Blue" re-entered the charts after it was featured in the Breaking Bad finale and introduced a new generation to the music of Badfinger  
Tom Ayres and his Band
    Tom Ayres will be bringing a special show to The 2018 Bacon Festival at The Monterey Fairgrounds: My Skewed History of the Electric Guitar which will showcase pivotal moments of guitar sounds from the 1950's forward that influenced Tom's love of the electric guitar.  This will be ninety minutes of sonic time travel- so sit back and enjoy the wonderful Monterey Fairgrounds and take a trip.

Alarma is a world music indie band blending music styles.  Danceable, melodic and sending out a positive message, the group was formed in Los Angeles, California.  Known for their unique sound and high-energy live performances, the band incorporates many ethnic styles of music from Latin to African and mixes them into a modern sound.
Their most recent self-released, full length album "World Ignition" is exposing this LA band's sound to the world.


ILLUSION - A Tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac
Stevie Nicks Illusion, A Tribute to Stevie nicks and Fleetwood Mac, is one of the most authentic sounding tributes to Stevie Nicks to date.  The band consists of some of the best musicians the nation has to offer and the vocals of Diana Grace are spot on as Stevie Nicks from the early years of the 70's and 80's.  The shows are exciting as well as intimate, as they connect with the audience and engage with them in what can only be described as a magical shared musical experience.

Jim Lauderdale returns to Monterey to once again grace the Garden Stage with his presence.
As a solo artist Jim has released 29 albums since 1986.  His latest, London Southern, will be released June 30th.
A Grammy winner, Lauderdale is a longtime ambassador of the Americana genre and in 2016 he received the WagonMaster Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him by George Strait, who has record a number of Jim's songs including "King of Broken Hearts."


Eric Stephen Bocks is a singer/songwriter, composer/playwright, author and falconer.  Currently he is releasing his new album, "To Share The World," recorded in Nashville.
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