Monterey BaconFest 2017 June 24th  ~ Monterey Fairgrounds

 June 25th & 26th ~ Monterey Fairgrounds

Line Up

Saturday, June 24th

The Medflys
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The Medflys Return to Monterey Peninsula to Headline Baconfest 2017 on June 24 at Monterey Fairgrounds
    Back in the early 1980s, Monterey-based rock band The Medflys burst out of the music scene like an invasion of the pesky little fruit flies they were jokingly named after.
    Mixing sunny pop, upbeat ska and crunchy New Wave rock with quirky and over-the-top theatrics, the five-piece band hit it big with regional FM-radio hits such the teen-angst rebellion of “Belfast”, the upbeat dance groove of “Compulsive,” the California love-in vibes of “State of Mine” and the clever, spaghetti western-inspired, “Don’t Mess With The Mayor,” a tribute Clint Eastwood’s 1986 mayoral campaign in Carmel.
    The Medflys were regularly named “Best Local Band” by local radio stations and news publications during its heyday.
    Throughout the ’80’s, The Medflys had multiple opening slots with high-profile artists such as Joan Jett, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oingo Boingo, Huey Lewis & the News, Violent Femmes, Night Ranger, Greg Kihn and Toto.
    Constant touring and opening slots for national bands gained them some notoriety, but they might be best remembered for the song “Don't Mess With The Mayor,” which hit the airwaves just as Clint Eastwood was becoming mayor of Carmel in 1986.
 The band got together again to do sold-out reunion shows in Monterey in 2010 and 2015, both at Planet Gemini. The latter was to raise funds and awareness for Savannah's Song for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Savannah's Song has raised close to $1 million, all of which is donated to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital.
    Savannah was the daughter of Medflys' guitarist Evans who lost her battle with cancer in 2015 at the tender age of 13.
    The BaconFest show will feature founding members Carl Christ on vocals, Robbie Evans on guitar, Dale Kurokawa, guitar/keyboards, and saxophonist/keyboardist Alex Stewart, who will be joined by veteran drummer John Brearton, long-time honorary Medfly, Tom Ayres, on keyboards and trumpet and Simon Stewart on bass.
    The band will also feature the FlyGirlz dancers Callie Dailey and Vanessa Burkleo.

Tom Ayres Message of Love
    Calling all tone freaks, adrenaline junkies and seekers of epic musical truth. Do your ears crave something fresh and amazing? Does your skin itch for the spontaneous rush of goosebumps? Does your heart long to be jacked into full throttle? 
Tom Ayres and Angelina Moysov of Persephone’s Bees team up with the inimitable Prairie Prince (Tubes, Todd Rundgren, XTC, Dukes of the Stratosphere) for a personal tribute to Jimi Hendrix as the 50th Anniversary of his live performances approaches. 
he gypsy was right, again. “The night (Ayres) was born, the moon turned a fire red.” Equally an earth-based journeyman bluesmen and an open channel to the psychedelic cosmos, Ayres has mined all that is Jimi Hendrix from the inside out without compromising originality or going clone. 
Ayres was an 8 year old attendee at the Monterey Pop Festival within point blank range of riffs from Jimi  Hendrix himself that tickled him towards destiny. To get to this place of tonal understanding and control you cannot fear the volume. To cultivate mojo you must embrace it. Hendrix knew this and Ayres does too. 
It took decades of micro-listening and a commitment of constant practice at near deafening volumes before Ayres could unleash a purple monster of his own design, straight from the mold of Hendrix’s “Electric Church” but uniquely evolutionary. Like Hendrix, Ayres is a fearless explorer of unfathomable sonic possibilities. He is EXPERIENCED and it shows. And most of all, he is eager to share it. 
Message Of Love is not a typical tribute show band where historical performances are authentically preserved like museum treasures for admirers on the other side of a velvet rope.

Message of Love is a ferocious joyride of unapologetic cacophony and sweet epiphany, a bucking bronco of a band, channeling the power of megawatt fueled electric transformation. The bulk of the show’s material is drawn from Hendrix’ debut record “Are You Experienced” while the remainder are Ayres’ originals which the band has just finished recording at the Hyde Street Studio. 
   Message of Love implodes time, careening the audience through a twisted tunnel of psychedelic revelations as past, present and future meld into a singular moment where music bursts forth like the first bite of an overstuffed jelly donut - audacious – uncontrollably messy, beautiful and free. And you’ll need a napkin or three. 
Chicago Steve Barkley
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From his early years as a comic on the Monterey Peninsula to winning $10,000 on America's Funniest People, Chicago Steve Barkley has become synonymous with funny.  He returns to Monterey for the first time after a lengthy hiatus to bring his well known "comedy with the safety off."
Delaney Ann and Square One
Square One is a teen band, based in Monterey County. The group plays popular country pop, southern rock, classic country, classic rock covers, and some original songs written by Delaney Ann.  They perform at festivals, private parties, and community events.
Operation Rock

Monterey's very own Operation Rock is a refreshing blend of young talent, playing classic rock songs written far before their time.  Frank, Joe, Billy, Chris, and John are no strangers to Rock and Roll.  Founded in 2008, the band has played shows all over Monterey County.  They also won the 2015 Battle of the Bands in Pacific Grove and played at both the Salinas and Monterey 4th of July Festivals.  A mix of 80s-era throwbacks and modern rock hits, Operation Rock is sure to keep you wildly entertained.
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