Monterey BaconFest 2018 August 11-12  
                                                                                            Monterey Fairgrounds


General Information

Everyone wants to know about the Ultimate Bacon Experience.  For $60 advance and $80 at the gate you not only get a grounds pass that gets you access to all the music you also get entry into the Seaside Room where, in addition to free bourbon and free beer there will be free food made by some of the areas top chefs. They include the Pig Wizard who will be preparing a whole pig, and Chefs from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, La Belena, Cannery Row Brewing Company, Hyatt Regency, Rio Grill, Montrio Bistro, Boardwalk Subs Collin Moody Enterprises and Rancho Cielo.  They will be making everything with bacon including dishes that are just plain off the charts.   

The Monterey Fairgrounds has many places you can go to get away from the sun, but if you are out on the lawn, watching the music, it can get quite warm.  It is suggested that you bring hats and sunscreen.  Umbrellas and full-sized chairs are permitted, but please set up on the sides so you don't block any views.  You may bring lawn chairs, without legs, that sit on the ground and provide back support.  There will be limited bleacher seating.

All bags will be checked at the gate.  Prohibited items include:
Knives, guns (duh), bullwhips, cans, water bottles, containers, food, ice chests and other items at the discretion of the Festival management.  Please use common sense and if in doubt leave it behind or you will be asked to return the item(s) to your vehicle.  While we do want you to have a great time, part of the reason we have been able to keep the costs of tickets down is the wonderful vendors we have.  If everyone brought in a picnic the vendors wouldn't want to come back and as you will see they are a great addition to the festiveness of the festival.

Parking is available within a short walk of the venue.  

The festival gates will open at 11:00am and music starts at 11:15.  The show will end at approximately 5:00pm.  Ins-and-outs are discouraged, but if you have a good reason we will allow it.  Understand, though, the music is going to be so good you probably won't want to leave and that's not to mention the bacon inspired food that you probably won't get enough of. The demonstrations and competitions.

We suggest that you buy tickets in advance to avoid ticket lines.  Online ticket purchases will end the night before the festival.  After that you will have to pay a bit extra at the gate but tickets will be available.  We will have a lot of people processing you through the ticket windows.  Our goal is to have no one in line when the music starts so please get there early.  Credit Cards are accepted at the gate but most vendors are cash oriented.  There are ATM's on the grounds.
There will be a full bar for those over 21.  You must have an I.D. and you will be given a wrist band that will allow you to buy drinks.  Anyone caught transferring drinks to someone without a wristband will be removed from the festival as will the person who the drink was transferred to.
We want everyone to have a pleasant day.  Please make sure to keep control of yourself or have a companion that will do it for you.  Management reserves the right to remove anyone that is infringing on the ability of others to enjoy themselves.  In cases such as this there will be no refunds.  Trust me when I say you want to be there till the end as the entertainment is incredible.
Follow the laws of the land, keep your actions in good taste and come to enjoy the day and everyone will have a good time.
Sorry but animals are not allowed on the Fairgrounds during the festival except for service animals.


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