Monterey BaconFest 2018 August 11-12  
                                                                                            Monterey Fairgrounds



Q: What's the deal with "Baconfest 2018" what happened to The Monterey Americana Festival?
A: The Monterey Americana Festival has been put on a shelf for awhile.  The  same folks are presenting BaconFest 2018.  If you like bacon this is the one festival you'll want to go to this year.  If you like good music this is the one festival you will want to go to this year.  If you like both bacon and good music you should already be lined-up.  For goodness sake you can experience all BaconFest has to offer and some of the best in music for $15.00 or less!  

Q: Do I have to buy tickets on the computer?
A: To begin with you do.  Later you will be able to buy them in advance at the Fairground's main office at 2004 Fairgrounds Road. 

Q: What if I don't want to buy tickets on the computer and can't get to an outlet or don't want to pay a service charge?  How can I get tickets then?
A: You can buy them at the gate.  They will be a bit more then in advance but not much.

Q: Is there reserved seating like previous years?
A: This year we have decided to scale things down a bit so people can get closer to the performers.  The performers will be on the Garden Stage. There will be bench seating and some grandstand seating in this area.  You should wear a hat and bring sunscreen.  No umbrellas please unless you park yourself to the side. Stubby legged lawn chairs can be brought into any area of seating and padding is encouraged for grandstand and bench seating.

Q: What does a general admission ticket get me?
A: It gets you on the grounds to see the music and taste the fine bacon cuisine which you do have to pay for.  It is quiet the deal considering the musical talent.

Q: What does the Ultimate Bacon Experience Ticket get me?
A: I know its a bit pricey at $60 in advance but it is the experience of a lifetime.  You will get admission to the grounds and also to a special hall.  Inside that hall there will be 12 chefs serving up their best bacon dish at no cost.  There will also be a bar with beer and bourbon at no cost!  Tickets are very limited for this experience so get them in advance.  The Ultimate Bacon Experience lasts from 12:00-3:00 and you also have access to the rest of the festival with your UBE ticket.

Q: Will there be rides like last year?
A: We will have inflatables for the kids at a nominal charge.

Q: Can I buy parking in advance?
A: We have changed things up a bit and this year there will be no advance sales of parking.  The reason for this is that, in past years, people have arrived before the parking on the street is gone and they have already spent $20 on parking.  We don't want that to happen anymore.

Q: What about handicapped parking?
A: There is plenty of Handicapped parking at the front of the Fairgrounds. 

Q: Do you have any of the shirts, hoodies and hats left from last year?
A: What is left will be on sale at this years festival along with a lot of bacon themed items.  They will be deeply discounted because we would rather someone wear them then store them.  They are limited though so get there early. 

Q: Do you take credit cards?
A: Yes we do but boy are we slow with them and it is so much easier with cash so please come prepared or the people in line behind you will glare at you.  Our people will always have a smile on their face just like they train them at Disneyland.  There also will be an ATM over by the Turf Club which is to the left of the entrance.

Q: Do I get to see all the bands for the one ticket?
A: As long as you are on time and paying attention.  Your ticket is good for the whole day.

Q: Does it cost to get in?
A: Yes.  This isn't your usual Festival honoring orange carp or trees that lean but don't fall down.  This is a festival with top flight entertainers.  You will not be disappointed and we have kept ticket prices as low as we could.

Q: Is there handicapped seating?
A: If you buy a ticket you will receive an accessible area close to the stage.  We aim to please and will work with you to make sure your seating area will be enjoyable.

Q: Hey I made a mistake when I bought my tickets is there a refund or can I cancel the purchase?
A: I can't tell you what a hassle it is to make any changes.  Please do not make a mistake.

Q:What's the deal with fees and do I have to get tickets mailed to me?
A:Perhaps one of the most important questions.  The surcharge is to negate the cost of processing your order.  Make sure when you get to the second part, which is Box Office, you make sure you either have your tickets at Will Call or have them delivered by mail.  If they are delivered by mail you can bypass will call.  

Q: Do I have to pay for my kids?
A: Children to age 5 are free.  Kids 6 to 17 are $7 advance, $10 at the gate.

Q: Do I have to pay for me?
A: Unless you have someone to pay for you...yes.  Adults are $12 advance, $15 at the gate.

Q: Are there ticket outlets?
A: The Fairgrounds main office has tickets and if you follow us on Facebook then you will find we will be selling tickets at a few events and if you are sharp you also might find a special deal or two.

Q: I want to bring a busload of people from out of town can I do that?
A: Get hold of us and we will work it out with you including parking and possibly a package deal.

Q: I'm as bald as a billiard ball should I bring a hat? 
A: It matters if you want your head to look like the surface of Mars.  There will be hats for sale but there isn't much shade near the stage so sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are encouraged.

Q: Will there be shirts and stuff for sale?
A: Most of the bands will have wardrobe for sale and there will be some stuff we are having made specifically for the Festival.  Bring cash or we have ATMs.  Charging is tough and really slows things down.  Especially at the Box Office.  

Q: Hey I wanted a shirt and hat from last year.  Are there any available?
A: We do have a few and they will be on sale, but they are limited and the first people in the gate will have the chance of buying them and they will be at discounted prices and there aren't many of them left.  

Q: Am I guaranteed parking if I have a ticket?
A: There is always parking in the surrounding environs and if it is needed we will open the Fairgrounds carnival lot for parking.

Q: Are there ins-and-outs?
A: If you have a really, really good reason yes.  However it has to be an incredibly good reason as the Fairgrounds does not allow it anymore as a matter of policy and we have to contractually honor that.  So it pretty much has to be life and death.  You can always go out and pay to get back in.  

Q: Will you be searching bags and packs?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I bring in my own food?
A: No.  Unless you have a special diet or can show you are a diabetic.  No fluids that can be purchased on the grounds are allowed in. PLEASE honor this.  Last year our biggest hassle was people who didn't want to give up there fifty cent bottle of water at the gate.  This year it will be confiscated and given as a donation to a food pantry.

Q: How many people do you expect and will it be crowded?
A: The Fairgrounds are pretty big so we don't think it will be too crowded, but it matters where the audience wants to be at one time.  As far as how many people will be there it's anyone's guess.  If you have been to the Artichoke Festival or The Garlic Festival you know people like their food festivals and our entertainment stands alone on its own.

Q: Will there be tickets at the gate?
A: Up to a point.  We will not over sell and make people uncomfortable by it being too crowded.  Otherwise it should be comfortable as people will come and go so the situation is fluid.

Q: You say there is a full bar for those over 21.  Do I have to drink only in specific places?
A: The full bar is located at the back of the seating and in a couple of other places on the grounds.  If you want to drink your beer, mixed drinks and wine on the grounds you are allowed to do that.

Q: So will there be wine?
A: Some of the best.

Q: What about the beer?
A: It will be provided by one of our wise sponsors.  So they will have something you will like and it will be nice and cold.

Q: Do I need an I.D. to drink?
A: If you plan on drinking alcohol.

Q: What kind of chair can I bring in?
A: You can bring in the folding chairs that have the little stubby legs.  If you bring in the taller chairs that's cool but please place them so you aren't blocking the view of others. 

Q: I bought my tickets where are they?  
A: If you buy them online they will be at Will Call at the box office or they will be mailed to you.  It's up to you.  Buy them by mail and they will be at Will Call unless you request them to be sent to you for an extra charge.

Q: Are there still vendor spaces?
A: As of you reading this, yes.  Go to the vendor tab and it will lead you to all the information.  If the forms are no longer there it is possible we have sold out, but contact us anyway in case someone cancels.

Q: I have a Band and want to play.  How do I go about it?
A: We are filled up this year, but we plan to do something even bigger next year.  Send a message to us and we will let you know where to send it or send me a message at and I will let you know where too send it.

Q: But what if we aren't very good?
A: You have almost a year to practice and get better.

Q: My favorite band isn't playing. How can I get you to book them? 
A: We tried to book everyone's favorite band but somehow we missed a couple.  Please just send us a message and we'll see what we can do next year.  Personally Bruce Springsteen doesn't return my calls.  

Q: Is there camping available?
A: There are camping areas nearby but not at The Fairgrounds unless you have an R.V.  A google search will lead you in the right direction.  Laguna Seca Recreation Area is your best bet and is close by.

Q: Are there Hotel and Motels nearby?  
A: Yes there are even some across the street, but they fill up fast.  The City of Pacific Grove is about five miles away and has some magnificent hotels but they can be a bit pricey.   

Q: Are the rooms expensive?
A: You can find them in the $100 range.  Some are a bit more expensive some less. Search around and you can find rooms.  There are currently vacancies, but I wouldn't wait.

Q: What is BaconFest?
A: It is the outgrowth of three years of the Monterey Americana Festival.  We have added another dimension in that we will have a lot of vendors selling special bacon dishes as well as demonstrations.  This is our fourth year presenting BaconFest.

Q: What kind of bacon dishes will you have?
A: There will be everything from bacon wrapped hot dogs to elaborate desserts and fancy umbrella embellished bacon drinks.  This isn't a bacon bits festival.  This is the real thing.  The list is long and when everyone is finalized we will post it on this site.  It is already bigger then last year as far as food items and I think you will really like our presentation of demonstrations this year.  It' is different from anything I have seen before.  This year, in conjunction with Baker's Bacon, all our sellers will be using Baker's to make sure you get the best bacon possible.

Q: Is the music free with admission?
A: Yes.  Unlike some festivals which will make you buy an extra ticket to see the entertainment we include it in the price.  Most of our acts usually cost $15 to see just one of them.  This is about the best entertainment buy for your money you will ever see.

Q: What do I get for $12?
A: You get in to the grounds, get to see some demonstrations and get a great day of music.  You also get to buy some reasonably priced food you won't find anywhere else in one place and crafts from vendors who are some of the best at what they do.

Q: Is the bacon free with admission?
A: Well we have a lot of vendors that would be upset if we fed everyone bacon for free as no one would buy their food.  Some vendors give out samples to entice you into buying their products so there is that, but you really want to get the full item to truly enjoy it.  Realize Bacon Festivals with free bacon usually charge about $100 a person and last four hours or so.  So take that extra $90 you're saving and buy what sounds good to you.

Q: What is the Ultimate Bacon Experience?
If you want bacon dishes cooked by twelve of the best chefs on the Peninsula then you want to buy an UBE ticket.  In addition to the food it will include a hosted bar with beer and bourbon.  This is all included for your ticket which is a mere $60.00 if bought in advance.   That's right 12 bacon dishes, bourbon and beer all included in the price of your ticket and you get to access the grounds for the music and the car show.

Q: Hey I just went through all these questions and it didn't answer my question.  What can I do?
A: Click on "contact" and let us know your question and we'll get back to you in less then a day, unless it's a math question.  I was never good at math.  You can also email us at:  
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